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Cheezburger Network Media Kit

Last Update 12/4/2008

About The Cheezburger Network

The Cheezburger Network, is a cohesive platform for user-generated, emotionally compelling content that has a proven appeal to a broad range of Internet users. The sites in the Cheezburger Network are a collection of funny and captivating user-generated entertainment sites that provide a much-needed break from everyday life, with quality content selected by dedicated users. With more than 128.3 million page views, and with 6.3 million unique visitors across the network, Cheezburger empowers people across the web create and share user-generated content that delights and entertains a diverse audience.

How it came to be

If you haven’t seen one already, LolCats are those pictures of cats with funny captions. The site began at the beginning of 2007 when Eric Nakagawa was sent a photo of a fat cat with the caption, “I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?”. Nakagawa then created a blog to collect these images that were being spread around the Internet by users of humor forums.

That picture spawned an eponymously named blog.

Ben Huh later purchased the site from Nakagawa to turn funny cat pictures into big business. Huh has created eight other humorous photo-caption sites, ranging from politics and gossip to pictures and video of epic failures. Together, they form The Cheezburger Network. (Properties include:,,,,,,,,

Where we are now

Lately, this “Weblogs Inc. of silly” has been putting up some impressive numbers. Traffic was up 23% from September 2008 to October 2008, to a staggering 128.3 million page views, with unique visitors up 19% to 6.3 million across the network. The traffic numbers means the Cheezburger Network attracts an audience roughly half the size of Weblogs Inc. with a US audience of 13 million. Our flagship site I Can Has Cheezburger? (ICHC) also remains one of the most influential blogs on the web, coming in at number 14 on Technorati’s top 100 blogs (set to pass Gawker and Mashable). According to analysts, ICHC is also on track to pass in reach.

Our business

The network has stayed profitable through a mix of ads, merchandising, sponsorship and licensing. The network reaches user demographics like the following through emotionally compelling content:

  • 52% women, 48% men
  • 6 female-leaning sites, 3 male-leaning sites
  • 77% between the ages of 18-49
  • 66% have college or post-graduate education
  • 51% earn more than $60,000 a year
  • 34% have kids in the household

The Cheezburger Network has found the magic sauce. Brands like Jones soda have done custom campaigns within the network. To market to the Cheezburger Network’s large geek and women consumer audience, Jones soda teamed up with the site to put the funniest LolCats on their bottle labels.

The network’s revenues have continued to rise. October saw a month over month increase of 9.5%. With 15 employees, Cheezburger Network continues to remain profitable. And with a LolCat’s book – New York Times bestseller 6 weeks strong – plus two more blog-to-books launching based on the network’s other sites, we are looking forward to bringing our brand of 5 minutes of happiness to everyone!

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